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Pulp Disease/Root Canal
Root Canal Therapy
What is root canal therapy? It’s a procedure used to treat problems of the tooth’s dental pulp, or soft core.
Root Canals vs. Implants: Which Treatment Is Best?
When there’s something seriously wrong with one of your teeth, your dentist often chooses one of two treatments: a root canal or a dental implant. A recent review found those treatments achieved virtually equal success when it comes to the survival of the treated tooth or implant.
Pulp Diseases: An Overview
The life or death of a tooth depends on the health of the pulp. This network of nerves, blood vessels, and tissues occupies a hollow central chamber that extends from the crown of the tooth to its roots.
How Your Dentist Diagnoses Pulp Disease
The description you give of your symptoms forms the basis of your dentist’s diagnosis. The severity, nature, duration, and location of the pain all offer clues about the extent of pulp damage.
Treatment Options for Pulp Disease
Once pulp disease is discovered, your dentist will try to stop the spread of infection and, if possible, save the tooth. The type of intervention depends on the extent of the disease.
What’s in a Crown? Here’s How Materials Compare
Getting a crown? Find out the benefits behind the different materials available to you, courtesy of the American Dental Association.
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