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Jaw Disorders
Teeth That Grind in the Night
You’re supposed to be sound asleep…so why are you clenching and crunching your teeth together? If you gnash and gnaw in your slumber, you have what’s called sleep bruxism.
Q and A: Could TMD Trigger Migraine Headaches?
TMJ is shorthand for temporomandibular joint, the ball-and-socket joint that connects the jaw to the skull just in front of the ear.
Q and A: Arthrocentesis May Provide Temporary Relief for Sufferers of TMJ Pain
Arthrocentesis is a minor medical procedure in which a needle is inserted into a joint.
Understanding Disorders of the Jaw
The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the two joints that connect your jaw to your skull.
Bruxism Quiz
Are you clenching your teeth and don't even know it? Find out about bruxism by taking this quiz.
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