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Many towns and cities have fluoride in the water to help fight cavities. If your area doesn't, ask your dentist about a fluoride supplement for any child age 6 months or older. 

Child Oral Health
Help keep the tooth fairy in business. Stress good dental care for school-aged kids.
Medical Conditions and Oral Health
Look here for information on a range of childhood illnesses that affect oral health, from viruses to food allergies and secondhand smoke.
Mouth Tissue Problems
Ouch! What to know if your kids suffer from painful mouth sores.
Nutrition and Oral Health
Your kids' eating habits can affect their oral health. Limiting snacks and sweet treats can help their mouths stay healthy.
Oral Conditions
Viruses can sometimes cause uncomfortable oral symptoms in children, such as a sore mouth and throat.
Oral Safety
What would you do if your child's tooth got knocked out? Learn how to handle dental emergencies and how to keep your little athlete's teeth safe during sports.
Help your child get that perfect smile. Braces, dental appliances, and space maintainers all help straighten those pearly whites.
Preventive Care
Toothaches and cavities can be painful. Preventive dentistry can keep your child free of teeth troubles.
The Dental Visit
Whether it's your child's very first dental visit or your little one has a fear of the chair, early dental visits are important. They may help prevent dental problems down the road.
Tooth Decay or Cavities
Tooth decay among young children is on the rise. Dental sealants act as a barrier to prevent cavities.
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