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Visit the Delta Dental Risk Assessment Tool to examine common risk indicators and provide custom feedback to help you maintain a healthy smile.

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An endodontist is a dentist who has extra training in doing root canals. A root canal is when the damaged inside of a tooth is removed. The tooth is then refilled with other material. A root canal lets a tooth stay in place. 

Infant Oral Health
Healthy gums and baby teeth in the youngest of children can help ensure a lifetime of good oral health.
Help your child get that perfect smile. Braces, dental appliances, and space maintainers all help straighten those pearly whites.
Medical Conditions and Oral Health
Learn what can affect your child's oral health, from medications to food allergies and secondhand smoke.
Young Adult
Tobacco and Oral Health
Any type of tobacco use damages your gums. Smoking causes more than half of periodontitis cases in adults.
Oral Safety
Learn what to during a dental emergency and how to keep your teeth safe during activity.
Older Adult
Other Conditions and Oral Health
How to quiet snoring, tips for inhaler users, and more! Review this section for information about conditions that can affect your oral health.
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